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The dynamic duo of TS and Chakson are at it again. The pair bless us with their first body of work, a mixtape which holds seven musical wonders (six tracks and a bonus) and they call it "My Purpose (manufa na)".

On this mixtape TS and Chakson go the extra mile as they paint a picture of who they are and express their feelings about the industry, it's challenges and how they are creating their own path.

The mixtape is a combination of their mixtape tracks and their original tracks. "Ku tsaya guys", "Machine" and "Lada" the 3rd, 4th and bonus tracks respectively are original works. If you're not familiar with "Lada" both the audio and video, you ought to be. "Ku tsaya guys" features Hip Hop Gorganaut BOC MADAKI, the only feature on the body of work by the duo.

Track list

• Die for you M&M by Daz

• My nigga M&M by Daz

• Ku tsaya guys ft BOC Madaki Prod by Dj Steev. M&M by Dj Steev

• Machine Prod by Dj Steev. M&M by Dj Steev

• Lowkey M&M by Dj Steve

• Mun Paso M&M by Dj Steev

Bonus track

• Lada Prod by Dj Steev. M&M by Dj Steev.
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