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Emmy Young releases new single titled I NEED ANOINTING.
EMMY YOUNG is One of Nigeria’s Most extraordinary, determined Gospel Music Artist with a unique message, He just released a life faith boosting and heart burning desire Song to seek God More titled: “I NEED ANOINTING”.

I NEED ANOINTING is a song given to him in a dream where he went to a competition which he signed with his Life in a dream, there was a word which every Artist who perform on stage must call or pronounce, every Artist who steps on stage to perform pronounces that word and Die live on Stage, Emmy Young looking at the thing happening live before he decides to run away but was cut and thrown on the stage to finish what he has sign up for, as he began his performance God grace came upon him and he said to himself Oh God “Let your will be done” and he pronounces the Word unknowingly as he performs many began to wonder what kind of person he is He’s still alive?

And the place was shut down with jubilation and he was declared the winner of the competition, he got up singing this Song O Lord I need Anointing to take the Gospel to the ends for you made me do with me whatever you wish.
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