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We are Glad to Announce to you all the launching of Our WEBSITE MOBILE APP Today {Feb 02,2020}.

In order To serve You all better and Give you all the best of Browsing Experiences,
Topcityvibe Media have come up with Their First Android mobile APP

THIS App has alot Of Embeded features to serve you Better which include

*Watching Movies Online (Nollywood, Bollywood etc)*

*Football (Soccer) Highlight*

*Playing and Streamlining Music Online Before Downloading*

*Fast Loading and Mobile Friendly Commenting Easily on Posts and Lots more.*

The Most Interesting Part of All this Is that Topcityvibe Consume Lesser Data (MB), Load Faster and Also Very Compatible on All Android mobile and Versions…_

_Pls Note That this is The Version 4 Beta and Keep it in mind that we will Keep Updating the App to a better One as Time Goes On to keep Giving you the best. Thanks For Staying with us
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